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Register for Classes

Once you have completed the Admissions process, you may register for classes through My网上十大欧洲杯买球app推荐. The Registration tab allows you to Add or Drop classes, view any holds on your account, and check your registration status.

Credit Hour Load in Excess of 18 Credit Hours

To register for 19 credits or more, permission must be obtained from the appropriate College Department of the student's current program or from Academic Advising.

Registration Instructions

See Tutorials Page

My网上十大欧洲杯买球app推荐 Portal

My网上十大欧洲杯买球app推荐 is Salt Lake Community College’s portal for registering for classes, accessing grades, ordering transcripts, getting news about what is going on at 网上十大欧洲杯买球app推荐, and other important information.


  1. Complete Admissions Application
    • Your acceptance letter includes info about obtaining your My网上十大欧洲杯买球app推荐 username and password
  2. Retrieve your 网上十大欧洲杯买球app推荐 Username (optional, as needed)
  3. Reset your My网上十大欧洲杯买球app推荐 Password (or first time sign in)
  4. Log into My网上十大欧洲杯买球app推荐 with username/password
  5. Find your S Number
    • Log into My网上十大欧洲杯买球app推荐, Click on the profile icon in the top right corner, School ID (under the Details option)

My网上十大欧洲杯买球app推荐 FAQs Search our Knowledge Base for help! If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Technical Support at 801-957-5555 or via email at